Outgoing: Early Twenties

Here I am aged two-ish. ↑↑

This would have been while we were living with my grandmother, having moved to London within a few months of this being taken. My dress is purple, and you can see how excited I am to show it off. Actually, that’s probably exactly what’s happened, posing for fashion pics pre-instagram.

This little post is a farewell to my early twenties, as I’m set to turn 26 this November. For some it’s scary, the thought of getting closer to 30, for others it’s exciting, and I definitely fall into the latter category. With time, I’m beginning to find myself and no Eat Pray Love situ was necessary. I’m happy to be finding my niche and working my way into my prime.

So here are some public declarations – mostly for me about what I want from my 26th year.

  1. Travel more (which I say every year but hey this time I’m really saying it)
  2. Remain unbothered. – Not about real world issues, but ya know petty things that you leave behind at 25.
  3. You are a lipstick-and-heels person and you should do it more often & unapologetically too.
  4. Care less about other peoples expectations. – I really should only be playing to my beat and not my aunt who keeps asking me why i’m not married.
  5. Try for things. – I do this anyway, but this is the year of ALWAYS sitting at the table. This also falls into broader career plans.

I’m excited to share my late-20s journey on here, even if I’m really only sharing it with myself to look back on.

The growth is real you guys. Happy to be here.



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